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"Where everyone can be frank"

Founded in 2001, by R. Zoe Judd, Frankly Zoe Productions is a small full service production company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We specialize on offering preproduction, production, and post production services on almost any budget. We believe that films don't always have to have the happy, everything is OK, everyone is alright ending like so many commercially produced films. We believe that films should reflect life 'Frankly', exactly as it is; messy, funny, painful, and unexpected. So welcome to Frankly Zoe Productions, "Where everyone can be frank."

Zoe's first official foray into film making was in her high school film communications class. Though this was her first experience behind the camera, Zoe had fallen in love with movies many years before. From an early age she lived for Friday nights spent watching USA Network's "Up All Night". She dreamed of one day making her own movies, but that was all she thought it was... a dream.

Zoe held onto this dream throughout college, working on several productions doing anything that got her on set. Finally in 1994, she decided to make her dream of being a film maker a reality. Jumping in with both feet, she produced and directed a short documentary on the history of the town she was living in. That documentary brought her to the attention of a local charitable organization that hired her to document their annual parade and diversity celebration. She went on to work for them for five years.

Wanting to expand past documentaries, Zoe formed Frankly Zoe Productions, and began directing narrative shorts, television commercials, music videos, and feature length movies. Working hard, she received her industry credentials for several large film festivals and even an IMDB page. Her first non-documentary film, 'Devil's Grove' had its premiere at the New York City Horror Film Festival and won Best Special Effects at the Fright Night Film Festival. Wanting to give back to her community and work with kids, she started the Youth Summer Movie Project and out of that grew the Frankly Film Fest. Currently, The Frankly Film Fest and Frankly Zoe Productions is a sponsor of the ICE Film Fest in Dayton, Ohio.


Denville Grove Amusement Park, All the kids are DYING to get in!

When a group of teens sets out to record a documentary film about mass murders at the local Denville Grove Amusement park, they soon learn that certain things should be left alone.


R. Zoe Judd grew up in a small town not far from Cincinnati. Although she loved movies, there wasn't an outlet for her creativity until her high school film communications class, and even that was limited to only a single semester. Having had the opportunity to visit New York City during summer vacations, she'd seen how much more a large city had to offer.

In 2004, Zoe came up with the idea to run the Youth Summer Movie Project, giving children in her community the opportunity to express themselves through filmmaking.

During the YSMP first year there were five participants. Since then it's grown to thirty students. Each year, the participants of the YSMP produce two shorts from inception to completion in a two week period. The YSMP takes place the third and fourth week of July each summer.

The Frankly Film Fest started as an outlet for the Youth Summer Movie Project to present their projects and grew into a film festival showcasing independent filmmakers and their projects, including the animated introduction to the film festival that was produced the first year of the YSMP. In 2016, Frankly Film Festival is teaming up with Studio Akumakaze and The Independent Creators Expo (ICE) to present The ICE Film Fest on February 20th, 2016.



Currently Casting for the Following:

“Grape Bubble Gum”

- White female aged 25-35

- African American Male aged 25-35

- Biracial female aged 10-13

- Biracial female aged 5-7

- Biracial female aged 1-2

- Extras of all ages

“The Appointment”

- Female aged 30-45

- Female voice over actor

Crew Positions Available:

Director of Photography for "Grape Bubble Gum" and "The Appointment"

Script Supervisor for "Grape Bubble Gum" and "The Appointment"

Production Designer for "Grape Bubble Gum"

Special Effects Artist for "The Appointment"

Editor for "Grape Bubble Gum"

Sound mixer for "Grape Bubble Gum" and "The Appointment"

Production Assistants for "Grape Bubble Gum" and "The Appointment"

Short Compilation DVD

Frankly Zoe Productions is shooting three shorts this summer for their upcoming short compilation DVD.

The shorts include:

“Grape Bubble Gum”, a dramatic short about three biracial children growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood during the mid 1970’s.

“The Appointment”, a day in the life short about a woman with severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Agoraphobia.

“The Gimp Mask Made Me Do It”, a horror short shot from the killer's point of view, where reality and fantasy co-mingle with a very large machete.

ICE Film Fest

In association with Studio Akumakaze and The Dayton Independent Creators Expo (I.C.E.), Frankly Zoe Productions presents The ICE Film Fest on February 20th, 2016. The festival will take place at The Ramada Plaza Dayton located at 2301 Wagner Ford Road in Dayton, Ohio. Frankly Zoe Productions will be accepting submissions from May 15th, 2015 until December 20th, 2015. Films accepted into the festival will be announced January 20th, 2016. Go to the festival site for more information.


P.O. Box, Cincinnati, OH 45238 USA



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